Dear Stakeholders,

At Abdi İbrahim, we work with great passion to continue our leadership in Turkish pharmaceutical industry, which we have maintained since 2003, and to become an international brand, healing the world and the lives we reach with our innovative products, services and our pioneering bold initiatives.

We continue on our journey of “healing”, which began in 1912, fully aware that human health is our primary responsibility.

Guided by this understanding, we believe in the importance of doing our job with great care, attention and integrity, and always maintaining the highest standards accordingly. Because we believe that, as a company, the way we achieve success is as important as the accomplishment itself.

With this belief, we have stated our code of ethics, which have always served as an essential guide for us, in order to carry our stakeholders’ trust and respect in us into the future.

Abdi İbrahim Code of Ethics reflects our commitment and dedication to the core tenets of business and ethics within the context of our corporate responsibilities towards all stakeholders. Representing the core values and principles that make us who we are, Abdi İbrahim’s Code of Ethics is a valuable guide for all of us. We would like to stress that; adherence to these principles is one of our greatest responsibilities in all business processes. The ethics boards established within our company is set to assist our stakeholders with respect to all future content.

Abdi İbrahim Code of Ethics is built around our common values and we believe that it will always enlighten our path in our journey to heal lives and the world, a path we take with you, our esteemed stakeholders, for whose support we are eternally grateful.


Nezih Barut

Süha Taşpolatoğlu

Our Business Ethics Principles

Business Ethics Reporting Hotline

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